Feel Green Ecocube - Albero per Orchidee, Fioritura Come Una Orchidea, Idea Regalo Sostenibile (100% Eco Friendly), Grow Your Own/Set per La Coltivazione Delle Piante, Prodotto in Austria

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Who doesn't love a beautiful orchid plant in the room? Pleasant and with a "ready to grow“ concept, they love bright and indirect light. 



With "ready to grow“ concept, containers are filled with a special mix of nutritious growing media and the seeds are already incorporated. To be clear, all you have to do is: open, water, and after a few days you will see the first small plants germinating. The product contains nutrients for a first week of growth, then we strongly recommend to start fertilizing with organic fertilizer.


  • Measures: 7.5 x 7.5 x 7.5 cm
  • Material: alder wood, seeds


  • 1 x Orchid Plant Cube


How to bring ecocube to life:

Peel the sealing sticker off the cube, add a bit of water and place in a bright spot. The ecocube will come to life within a few days and small green seedlings will sprout out of the eco-cultivation kit. With good care, the seedlings will grow into bigger plants and can then be planted along with the wooden cube in a flowerpot or garden. Since our ecocubes are produced from biodegradable materials, they will slowly be composted and supply the plant with valuable nutrients.

Cultivation & care: Medium

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