Natural Dark Coconut Bowls

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When did kitchenware get all identical? From student houses to elegant homes, the truth is that monotony has taken a big part in this. However, new fresh air from sustainability ideas also addresses aesthetical concerns. What used to contain coconut now can have anything you want to eat. Real eco-friendly practices without losing a bit of style.


This coconut bowl and coconut spoon are perfect for salads, smoothie bowls, açaí, buddha bowls to stir-fry’s, ice cream, dessert and cereal. They adorn your home decor in a pleasant eco-friendly style.


  • Material: Natural coconut shells
  • Measure: 15 x 15 x 1 cm
  • Capacity: ~0.75 L


  • 2 x Natural Coconut Bowls
  • 2 x Natural Coconut Spoon { position: fixed; z-index: 999999; }