American Walnut Wooden Phone Case

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It's possible to protect your phone while protecting our planet and in a very fashionable way! We propose a sustainable and elegant phone case made up of eco-friendly materials that we converted from waste into an elegant accessory. 


The frame is made out of 100% biodegradable materials, which in addition gives farmers the opportunity to sell flax straw rather than burning it. Hand-coated with a sugar-based resin, it provides the necessary durability and keeps your phone perfectly safe in every way. The organic backing is made of natural American walnut. 


  • Materials: American walnut (North America), flax wheat, PBAT bioplastic
  • Characteristics: 100% Biodegradable, compostable, recyclable frame, coated with advanced sugar based resin
  • Certifications: SGS, FSC
  • Made in Europe


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