Feel Green - Ecocube, Idea Regalo (100% Ecologica), Kit per Far Crescere La Propria Pianta, Piante in Cubi Di Legno Da7,5 Cm, Prodotto in Austria

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Do you wanna know more about the Mimosa plant cube? Ecocubes are the epitome of a natural and sustainable gift item. People say that growing them brings great joy. So, why wouldn't we grow it? We love joy!


With "ready to grow“ concept, containers are filled with a special mix of nutritious growing media and the seeds are already incorporated. To be clear, all you have to do is: open, water, and after a few days you will see the first small plants germinating. The product contains nutrients for a first week of growth, then we strongly recommend to start fertilizing with organic fertilizer. 


  • Measures: 7.5 x 7.5 x 7.5 cm
  • Material: alder wood, seeds


  • 1 x Mimosa Plant Cube


How to bring ecocube to life:

Peel the sealing sticker off the cube, add a bit of water and place in a bright spot. The ecocube will come to life within a few days and small green seedlings will sprout out of the eco-cultivation kit. With good care, the seedlings will grow into bigger plants and can then be planted along with the wooden cube in a flowerpot or garden. Since our ecocubes are produced from biodegradable materials, they will slowly be composted and supply the plant with valuable nutrients.

Cultivation & care: Medium

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