Reframe the way of living and inspire others for positive climate action.

At Impact Gift, we believe that the key to a happier world relies on impregnating all our lives with a positive impact. What we came across, and has been shaping the way we do business is: "little by little, a little becomes a lot." We keep reminding ourselves and our community that little actions, can make a huge difference. And there's where we step in: we want to create a more sustainable world. 

There are so many ways to create a better planet. We believe that increasing consumption is not the smartest and most effective way to go. Indeed, we believe in circular economy. Our mind-set is: buy less, choose well and make it last. We want to stop single-use products, especially if those items are made of materials that can hurt our planet.

At Impact Gift, we are welcoming all the imperfect environmentalists because we know that is more impactful to have millions of people doing it imperfectly than if we just have a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We are literally the first generation to feel the impacts of climate change, and the last generation who can do something about it. So, while climate change itself is devastating our planet, addressing climate change - if we do it in the next ten years, can be the most exciting thing we've ever done.

Sounds scary, but it's a very exciting time to be alive. If working apart, we are a force powerful enough to destabilize our planet, surely, working together, we are powerful enough to save it.

By offering sustainable and ethical gifts, we are tackling three different parts:

  • Buyer: the person who is buying a sustainable product. Usually, this person is already living a more sustainable lifestyle and is planning to engage more people on board, by sending a eco gift with an important message behind.
  • Receiver: this person will receive a sustainable gift with a very educative message. Usually, this person is waking up for a more sustainable lifestyle and soon, she/he will also bring more people into this sustainable way of living.
  • Planet: last but not least, our planet is the one that benefits the most from this fair trade. By having more people using sustainable products, the amount of single-use products will reduce. For example: "Ah, it's just a plastic bottle..." - said 8 billion people, multiple times a day. So, by replacing single-use products for reusable and sustainable products, together, we can be better and do more for our planet.

By incorporating sustainable practices into our everyday life, we have the power to change our world, even in the slightest amount. And this is magnified in our community, with our loved ones and the ones that surround us. It is the common actions that lead us to be proud of the world we have are creating.

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