5 ideas for sustainable gifts

It is discouraging to find out that the harmless chocolate we have in our cupboard most likely involves slavery and illegal child labor on cocoa farms located in West Africa. Or that the fish you have in your plate might come from slaver boats in Thailand. Are we condemned to be Luddites if we want to restore the peace in our world?

Of course not. The actions that follow our ideas must be implemented in such a way that allow us to maintain positive habits in the long run, just like James Clear magisterially explains in his book Atomic Habits.

In Impact Gift, we are convinced of the power of gradual and effortless changes that can steadily improve our way towards a fully sustainable lifestyle. It all starts from the small tiny things that we continuously overlook. For example, substituting regular straws with reusable biodegradable straws will eliminate all that unnecessary plastic that in most cases ends up in the ocean.

We believe that these improvements are enhanced if they come from our loved ones. When we give out a sustainable gift, we are not only showing appreciation, but also attention to details. It is an invitation to a better life. In the end, a sustainable life must involve our close ones, so that we can share with them a view of the world that makes us happier.

That’s why we decided to open the store, so to make you, your close ones and the environment happy. But, good news, we are not alone in this. Everyday more people are joining to this new wave. Even renowned magazines such as the Rolling Stone or Women’s Health are echoing this reality. Being eco-friendly is the new normal.

Thus, let’s give you some ideas that we believe will give you back at least one smile:

1. Pocket shopping bag

It feels somewhat counterproductive to have to carry an empty voluminous bag to go to the supermarket to buy some groceries or to the jumble sale. Or what's worse, to buy one of those fragile plastic bags that end up in the middle of the ocean. This foldable bag economizes the space so that you can carry a bag anywhere you go in your pocket. Something that was always needed but we didn't know its name.

2. Coffee portable cup

Only for coffee and tea lovers. This portable cup is designed for those that always need a hot beverage in hand to keep them ready for everything. It's made in bamboo so that the mug is resistant and retains effectively the heat over time. You will not need to buy one of those bad-quality single-use paper mugs that generate waste for the environment and your pocket.

3. Personalizable Biodegradable Black iPhone Case

Black is relentlessly in fashion. But style has usually an unseen cost for the world. However, this phone case allows you to have a tasteful accessory wherever you go. Smartphones are a basic tool for our everyday life, which enhances the idea that what we wear is an image of how we want to be seen. Thus, being able to print a phrase in the phone case of a close person will bring them closer to you and to your love for the environment. The engraving is made with a high-quality laser with high precision and can be personalized to your wishes. On the one hand, while this eco-friendly and biodegradable phone case offers your phone 100% protection and no threat to our environment, it also gives farmers an opportunity to sell flax straw rather than burning it. On the other hand, it completely reduces any possible footprint while providing a flexible and durable material to protect your precious phone.

4. Eco-friendly reusable razor

Caring about nature doesn't mean that we have to live as cynics. We just have to be aware of what we can do to maintain our lifestyles without keeping on harming our environment. This is the case with this reusable razor. Using just eco-friendly materials, you will be able to have a smooth and good-looking body. In this way, you care both about your skin and about our world.

5. Bamboo portable cutlery

Eating outside is an opportunity to create your own safe environment, not an obligation to eat a sandwich or to use single-use easily breakable plastic cutlery. This kit includes all the necessary items you need for these situations, including a reusable toothpick for cleaning your teeth after enjoying your meal. Either for when going camping or eating in the park next to your office, this set gives you the chance to eat your best meals while laying in the grass, a grass that you contribute to healing when taking this eco-friendly option.


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